BTR: Stock Up 73% Since Monday!!! Get Gold For Less With BonTerra Resources!!!

BTR: Stock Up 73% Since Monday!!! Get Gold For Less With BonTerra Resources!!!

Gold prices have pulled back a little bit recently and that’s not surprising given the parabolic ascent gold has been enjoying this year. Investors don’t need to fret because the pullback is just that – a pullback.  It does not seem to be a legitimate change in trend, and that pullback could very well represent an opportunity for prescient investors to get involved in the gold rally.

The pullback in gold prices hasn’t been so severe that the metal is now significantly cheaper in terms of price, but the retreat in price does renew the focus on opportunities beyond the usual suspects, meaning golf futures, ETFs, and exploration. Enter Canada’s BonTerra Resources (TSX.V: BTR). This junior miner is a prime example of a Company with a strong presence because while gold has retreated a bit, traders haven’t abandoned BonTerra.

In fact, BonTerra’s average daily volume, already exceptional for a stock of this nature, has remained robust during gold’s little retreat and even more impressive than that is the fact that the shares found their way to a new 52-week on Tuesday. Beyond that, traders bid the shares up on strong volume late in the trading day, a bullish sign that indicates perhaps smart money may be starting to notice BTR.

Look at a stake in a junior miner like BTR this way – with gold trading over $1,300 an ounce, it can take a lot positive trading to move the price significantly. Same can apply to gold-based ETFs. On the other hand, small cap companies like BTR offer the potential for outsized percentage gains in the near-term with gold momentum.  Throw in the mix that BTR could make for an ideal takeover target in an industry ripe for consolidation, and this stock has the potential to be a gold mine of its own.

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