Texas GOP: The New White Supremacist Party

Texas GOP: The New White Supremacist Party

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The Texas republican party (ironically known as the Grand Old Party) has stooped to a new low, and I’m not talking about their removal of the slave trade from textbooks; it’s their new party platform. Now if you think erasing history is bad just wait until you hear what they want to do next. The Texas GOP’s 25 page platform of absurdity really pulls out all the stops, some of the details are so insane it almost seems like a script from the show Punked.

The platforms section on Government power states that all executive orders are to be eliminated and all previous executive orders are to be repealed. The platform goes on to say, the Texas GOP opposes affirmative action and reparations based on “discriminatory criteria.” And the party is against nationalization of land for protecting endangered species or conservation. Just to clarify, they don’t want national parks or reservations for animals, they’d rather see a parking lot put up over saving a species.

Now if the above does not seem all that bad to you, the platform goes on to include things that revert laws to the way things were run in the 1950′s south. Now unless you were born and raised in Texas, I’m sure you know what the Jim Crow laws are now the party’s platform is wanting to get some of those law’s passed again. The party supports the repeal of motor voter laws, re-registering voters every four years, and felon disenfranchisement.

Another quick history lesson here, the U.S. constitution has a spot dedicated to the separation of church and state. Texas seems to think that it can just ignore the constitution and the Union of which it is a member. The Texas Republican party platform supports public displays of the ten commandments in government buildings and also enforcing penalties on people who “desecrate” the American flag, which falls under freedom of expression.

To further target what the Republicans see as liberal or Democrat; they attack family values. It’s shocking to me that this party knows what family values are. According to the platform, the party seeks to ban homosexuality outright, and to it opposes the legalization of sodomy. Continuing down the path of the extreme the party wishes to make it a felony to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple, or for a civil official to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. Sticking with their support for male only values the party lists its strong disagreement with abortion rights, as well as being strongly opposed to female reproductive rights. Now if you are wanting to adopt a foster kid to bring into your family, the Texas GOP has something for you, they want to repeal the restrictions on corporal discipline for foster children, now you can beat the kid you want to adopt whose life hasn’t been hard enough already. Of course Texas knows what is right for your children as well so they will outlaw sex education in favor of abstinence only education, see my Bristol Palin post to see how well that works.

The recently passed health care plan, or ObamaCare as they call it, would also be out, along with your social security checks. So after doing 50 years of work or more and paying into Social Security you would get nothing for your hard labor.

Now the GOP is not out of gas yet, they go on to say that any regulations on gun control are out, so your friendly neighborhood felon can get his hands on one too!!! Since they are putting guns in everyone’s hands including rapists, they now want to make rape a death penalty crime. While the deep water horizon oil well continues to leak 60,000 barrels a day into the Gulf, the Texas GOP is turning a blind eye. They want deep water oil drilling in the Gulf to resume immediately. Furthermore, they feel that employers should be allowed to discriminate on any basis, as well as repealing minimum wage. The Texas GOP demands that the U.S. removes itself from the United Nations, and it also calls for a repeal of birthright citizenship unless its to an American, screw the fence just outlaw Mexican Americans.

Like I said at first I thought this was a joke, but once you see the platform, you know they are dead serious. They feel that this is Americas true belief system and that Texas sets the standard for all conservatives. Now Texas is run by a Republican, Joe Barton. While this would be laughed out of any other Republican state, in Texas it actually has a chance. It’s frightening that a mainstream party can publish this garbage and get away with mocking the President. I should mention that Texas is the only state allowed to secede from the Union, so if this should ever pass we have the option to force them out.

The Infamous Platform can be found http://static.texastribune.org/media/documents/FINAL_2010_STATE_REPUBLICAN_PARTY…

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