My Open Letter To President Obama.

My Open Letter To President Obama.

posted in: Current TV RSS by On July 16th, 2010

Dear Mr. President. I love you Dude, but I have to tuff love you here. Sorry! I know you have accomplishes a lot, but the average American does not know that, see that or think that. They wanted to see change that would rock the earth back in 2008. You have to start rocking the earth NOW. USE THE RAGE AND ANGER THAT IS OUT THERE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!! Republicans do. Attack the Republicans; right now you look like an appeasing vacillator. NO MORE LINCOLN AND MORE TEDDY ROSEVELT thank you!!! If you do not rock the earth NOW, we will lose Congress and you will certainly lose the White House in 2012 as a lame duck. PLEASE MR. PRESIDENT, please do not leave us again at the mercies of the Conservatives. We will be so poor, and we will literally die with our children starving and freezing in the streets. America will lose its last bit of democracy as well, as we fall into complete corporate dictatorship.

Get Joe Biden to lower the filibuster break to 51 votes and then ram forward Change We Can Believe IN, fast and furious before November. Let the Republicans walk out! Then call the Republicans what they are

un-American, traders for BP, Big Oil and anyone that will fill their pockets with money, who want unemployed desperate workers who will work for pennies, who want to see American jobs go overseas, and want to fill the pockets of the wealthy from the pockets of the middle class and poor. They loved George Bush and they want Jeb next, so American can be poorer. SAY IT! SAY IT SIMPLE, so the average dullard will understand, BUT SAY IT WITH AL THE VOLCANIC ANGER THAT IS IN THE AMERICAN HEART RIGHT NOW. USE THAT ANGER, PLEASE!!! And while the pigs are away, pass everything we need. Then take the credit when it gets better!!! The south is not going to secede, why should they, they think they can beat you in November.

Mr. President, millions of lives are in YOUR hands. The fate of the planet is in YOUR hands. This is your defining moment for your soul. Do not hear me, and it will be the end of all of us in America and the world. This is the leading pivotal moment in history, you decide if we survive as a species or not.

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