BP ‘cuts payments to 40,000′ over incomplete claims forms

BP ‘cuts payments to 40,000′ over incomplete claims forms

posted in: Current TV RSS by On July 12th, 2010

BP plans to reduce payments to some 40,000 oil-spill claimants, potentially making life more difficult for individuals and businesses affected by the Gulf oil spill, a Louisiana official has said.

The Associated Press reports that Louisiana's secretary for children and family services, Kristy Nichols, found "a significant cut in daily payments" during a recent review of claims against BP, which appears to be related to incomplete forms.

In a letter to Ken Feinberg, the federal administrator of the oil spill claims process, Nichols wrote that it was "rash" of BP to cut payments to 40,000 of the 99,000 claims filed so far.


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